You have reminded me I once had children

You have reminded me I once had children

One afternoon, super sunny and quite hungry, I was stuck at the entrance of MTN center Headquarter , Nyarutarama waiting to grab a motorbike to go back to work at telecom house. I was a bit confused and not in mood due to tight schedules I had on that day. Eventually most of my schedules did not happen as I feared (some of my customers did not pay me what I deserved....)

With that day’s disappointments, I was in my solitude and all of a sudden, a flash back appeared in my mind. You may wonder what it was! I am used of visiting helpless time mainly on weekend days. A couple of months before, I had visited ’’Caritas’’ a helpless Genocide against the tutsi survivor who had lost all her kids.

uuhhmmnn that day I realized that it is not as hard as I thought with my plans not going well as I expected it was not my day as a results of my plans not go through as
expected. I thought I was the only one with problems. When I remembered the life of all the helpless people I visited, it seemed to me like I had not even any single problem in my life. My issues were not even a drop in the ocean when compared to the helpless people I have been meeting on my way! ’’Caritas’’ kept coming in my mind so often. During one of our visit(with my friends) , she told us “Bana banjye munyibukije ko nigeze kubyara,which literally means ’’My children, You have reminded me that i once had children. she said this after we did what children normally do for their parents like sharing food, preparing the bed and other usual
home duties.

Caritas is an old mom, 85 years old. We visited her twice and she used to
have 9 children before the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, eight of them
were killed during the genocide against Tutsi and the surviving one was
raped during the genocide and later in 2000 she also passed away. She is one of Incike in our country; "Incike" is a group of elderly survivors, above the age of 70 mostly, whose family members were all killed during 1994 Genocide and now are left all alone by themselves with no one to take care of them not even a single day. The word INCIKE means ‘extinct’, or close to extinction, word that describes the situation of these people. After realizing that those people need a helping hand and that we are the one to give it…We started thinking of what we can do for them And this is how Incike initiative was born.

We started thinking what we can do about helping incike in an easy and simple way that would not drain our energy and time. Technology was the only savior to reach to the entire country and spread our message to get funds to help Incike.

The idea that we came up with was to create a mobile crowd-funding platform by dialing *654# on a mobile phone, the user would choose the amount to donate daily through units credit recharges. There is three options: 50 Rwandan Francs(6 cents US dollar), 65 Rwandan Francs(8 cents US Dollar), and 100 Rwandan francs (13 cents US Dollar) per day during 100 days. Then after, the app withdraws daily the amount subscribed during the 100 days of fundraising.

The philosophy behind this initiative is to give a helping hand and send our hearts to people who will never know us and will never pay us back.

Through this initiative I came to learn some lessons :
To help a person, doesn’t require a huge amount of money, only a good heart to help. Having right people around you is the key to progress.

No matter what problems you think you may have, there are other countless people facing problems much more than yours. It is always good to help even if yourself, you are in life problems.

Another thing among many others, I would conclude on is that: I have never seen people becoming broke because they have helped other people. You can never get short of funds because you have improved someone’s life.

You and I can make a difference by making someone’s life better. I realized that Hatred is like ignorance, they are both expensive while love is free.

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