Enterprise your community

Enterprise your community


Enterprise your community is an investor-entrepreneur event program line-up, and a practical example on how Government, businesses and the civil society can create a sustainable and inclusive economic system. The event program line-up will bring together more than 1,200 people from all over the world composed of Investors, entrepreneurs, public institutions, private sector institutions and civil society in a given area of the interest of your community.
The 6 main aims of this event program line-up is to create: The event program line-up aims at achieving the following:
• Creation of a foundation to boost socio-economic development
• The community we want and real image of your community
• More than 100,000 jobs created in a period of a year through provincial hubs
• A sustainable system that empowers youth, women and the private sector in General
• A sustainable system that helps to eradicate poverty and hunger among the community
• Strong private sector organs and a good climate for investors.
Topics and speakers will be announced after a mutual understanding has been established among the organizers.
4 day annual event Program Line- up :
The annual event will be having
• Panel sessions to discuss agreed topics,
• Networking events,
• Investor-entrepreneur meetings featuring investors from different parts of the world,
• Salon Investor-entrepreneurs
• Fruitful meetings
• Innovation award program

Sponsorship package

• Diamond ($60,000)
• Platinum ($50,000)
• Gold ($40,000)
• Silver ($25,000)
• Bronze ($10,000)

Other sponsorship packages

‘Coffee Break ($10,000)
Coffee Break advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”; Brand Coffee Break space with sponsor’s promotional material; Distribute sponsor’s promotional material during the event.

Lunch ($45,000)
Lunch advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”; Brand lunch space with sponsor’s promotional material; Distribute sponsor’s promotional material during the event; Five-minute speech

Networking Cocktails ($30,000)
Cocktails advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”;Brand cocktail space with sponsor’s promotional material; Distribute sponsor’s promotional material during the event

Investment Dinner ($40,000)
Dinner advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”; Brand dinner space with sponsor’s promotional material; Distribute sponsor’s promotional material during the event; Three-minute speech

Gala/Farewell Dinner ($80,000)
The Gala dinner advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”; Branding on menus and dinner space; Eight-minute speech; Program will include short profile of your company

Innovation Award Program ($125,000)
The Innovation Award program advertised as “Sponsored by (Sponsor)”; Keynote address at event; Program will include short profile of your company; Distribute give aways; Full-page color adverts in event program line-up Hand Book.

Video Conferencing
Sponsor would provide videoconferencing services throughout the event; Company logo and company profile in video ticker/crawler

Digital Screen Sponsor
Sponsor provide screens and displays in meeting rooms, dining areas and airport; 30-sec company advertisement at end of sessions; Company logo flash across screen every twenty minutes

Registration & Lanyards
Sponsor branding on event badges and lanyards; Branding in registration area and online registration webpage; Branding registration team t-shirts

N.B: make available a complete form to indicate choice of sponsorship package

The event program line-up will be having a website and a booklet for more information.
Advertisement package on website

The website is an investor-entrepreneur online meeting platform where business ideas are deposited and shared after a thorough verification. Anyone with a business mindset can use the platform to implement the ideas. the website is also home to 45 crowd funding sources of different categories from pledges/donations to debt, equity investment and much more. successful people share also strategies and advice how to move from scratch to great companies and build a sustainable lasting company.
Adverts at:
• Homepage (Pricing vary from $3,200-$1,270 according to size of the banner)
• Special coverage( Pricing vary from $3,780-$ 2,940 according to number of days)
• Internal (Pricing vary from $600-$950 according to size of the banner)
Here are some example of sizes:
• Top Leaderboard Banner(728x90 Pixels)
• Medium rectangular Banner(300x255 Pixels)
• Upper Sky scrapper Banner(160x330 Pixels
• Large Rectangle Banner(336x250 Pixels)
• Down Leaderboard Banner( 728x90 Pixels)
Where we create profiles of entrepreneurs, give them visibility and big companies, institutions and civil society organization and what they do. This booklet will document success stories of entrepreneurs which will be presented/pitched to a network of investors.
Booklet advertisement package
Booklet advertisement varies from $ 3,460-$1,415 according to size ( Full page, 2/3 page, ½ page 1/3 page , ¼ page , 1/6 page , 1/8 page) and according to number of times.

Event planning
Plan from eight month before the event up to one to five days after the event.
Impact of the event program line-up
A percentage of the funds from advertisement, sponsorship, Pledge/donations, grants will contribute to the setting up of 5 hubs in different areas of your community and in various sectors. The event program line-up will help to generate setup fees/start up fees and seed funds for these hubs like:

Women’s hub: the role of the women’s hub is to ensure creation of job opportunities to all women in general
ICT hub: Usage of ICT to solve national problems/Create opportunities
Social enterprise and service Hub: boost businesses, projects that improve service delivery and social enterprises that are involved in resolving social issues such as agriculture, health, etc.
Infrastructure hub: will attract those businesses that are solving and/or contributing to the development of the infrastructure sector: i.e. Buildings, electricity, bridges, access to clean water, etc
TVET hub: this is for those people who didn’t have the chance to finish their studies but who are talented in different areas/fields like plumber, electricity, mechanics, tailoring, construction, hair dressing, etc...
The Long term goal is to have a bank/microfinance that supports entrepreneurs, civil society institutions and other projects.
This is where/An opportunity for Government, business and civil society organizations to create a sustainable and inclusive economic system.
We have an African proverb that says “ If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with others” and a proverb in Kinyarwanda (language of Rwanda) says: “a single brain only gets mad”, ( umutwe umwe wifasha gusara), in other words, two are definitely better than one. Thus, deeming it necessary for the organizers to attach value to the formation partnerships.

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