Growing tomatoes in greenhouses

Subsistence agriculture concerns consumption at home while intensive agriculture is that satisfy the market. Here is the solution, growing in greenhouses.

Here is an idea but sometimes require a huge amount of investment.
When you grow tomatoes in green houses, you start harvesting after 3 months. Every week, in a green house, you harvest 225 Kg, it means 900 Kg per month and you harvest during 6 months i.e. in one greenhouse, you harvest 5,400 Kg per year.
If you have 10 greenhouses, you will harvest 9000 Kg per month and 54,000 Kg during the 6 months per year.

Suppose that 1kg of tomatoes costs 1.5 USD, you will get in 1 greenhouse you will get 48,600 USD a year in one greenhouse, so if you have 10 greenhouses you will have gross income of 486,000 USD a year.

Why growing in greenhouses
The importance of growing in a greenhouse is that you have a regular quality and quantity and you don’t depend on weather.
The clients of greenhouses producers are food processing industries, supermarkets, hotels, etc.

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