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Mobile crowd funding
Mobile penetration is so high in Africa than internet penetration. Feature phone penetration is so high than smartphone penetration. According to Rwanda Utility Regulations Authority(RURA), Mobile Telephone subscribers have continued to show an increasing trend. The latest number of Mobile Telephone subscribers increased from 7,368,015 as of July 2014 to 7,482,354 as of August 2014, which represents 1.6% increase.

Theoretical functionality

For example by dialing *777# on your mobile phone, you follow instruction, the user chooses the amount to donate daily. There are three options: 50, 65, and 100 per day. Then after, the app was withdrawing daily the amount subscribed during the days of fundraising.

Practical functionality
Dial *777#
Welcome to “Name of the business”
1. Local language
2. English
3. Français
Choose the option
1. Subscribe
2. Unsubscribe
Then the app asks to choose the amount to donate daily:
Your daily contribution
1. 50
2. 65
3. 100
Every morning the app will be deducting the amount subscribed and the subscriber will be receiving an SMS thanking him/her for the contribution.
Business model
The business model should be revenue sharing with operators and at the same time share with the person raising funds.
In order to make sure that people who are raising funds are serious, they have to be given target to reach. People who are raising funds will be the ones to market it.

we have used the same system in Rwanda when we were raising funds for elderly survivors of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in "Tech Support Incike Initiative", click here

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