One stop call center

Create one number ( for example 789) ,one channel that is a hotline to facilitate customer care with two objectives:

1. Link, connect, direct and orient people with their needs, wants and desires especially
2. Give advice in different domain especially social economic issues for example:
i. Law
ii. Religion
iii. Business
iv. Psychology

Why this service?

In our developing countries,

• we don’t have sufficient directories, No mobile phone directory in the place that can be like national call center to link businesses, institutions, organizations with people;
• the way businesses, institutions, organizations are located is not easy to identify them
• Mobile penetration is very high( example of Rwanda mobile penetration is 64.5%). We don’t have a mobile phone directory.
• Time waste management hotline.
• No similar service available.
• Everyone cannot afford the lawyer.
• Some people when it arrives on spiritual thing they want to stay anonymous,
• Help those who don’t know how to read.

How it works

Just take your phone and dial three digital for example 789 and the app asks to choose the language

1. Local language
2. French
3. English

After choosing the language the app asks to choose between

1. Link
2. Advice

When you choose one, the app asks you the domain

1. Hotels
2. Pharmacies
3. Hospitals
4. Ambulances
5. Stationaries
6. Banks
7. Etc.

Then after choosing what you are looking for, the app gives a list of what we have in database then you are connected directly to your needs.

When you choose two, the app asks to choose the advisor you want to talk to:

1. Business
2. Law
3. Religious issues
4. Psychology

Ultimate question to be responded

1. The app owner will start charging when he is connecting you with your needs, the steps before won’t be charged
2. The system is user friendly
3. It will facilitate those people who don’t know how to read

Business model

They are three ways of generating income:

1. Per calls, deduct money on people’s airtime
2. Selling data to different organizations that want to sell data
3. Advertisement on SMS sent after every call to thank people for using the service


1. Registering a company and regulatory Agency to give you the short-code USSD and SMS
2. Approach the operators for contact and get it signed
3. Development of the system(application) and database
4. Install server and integration of the app with operators
5. Test the application & Migrate application to production
6. Train responders how to deal with technology
7. Launch and market your service

Startup capital

To start this kind of service it can cost between with one telecom company 3,000 US Dollars and 6,000 US Dollars but to start small, the conceiver of the idea can approach people possessing short-code already and they customize it and you skip many steps from 2 to 6 and you start with marketing and launching. Then you share the revenues. About responders, you can outsource the existing companies and you deal on percentage. You will be staying with a small percentage but without any stress.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Arthur Ashe

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