Own a house

Build houses for medium and low income earners by using quality and affordable construction materialscan help people to earn their own houses.

Build houses of 4 small rooms including Drying, laundry , washing machines room and dining room. This system of having laundry, drying, washing machine will help to have a house that is occupying a small space.

In order to facilitate the population to own the houses, 3 methods can be used to facilitate the pay back to the constructor of the houses.

1. Pay cash once

2. Pay in 2 to 10 installments

3. Leasing or Pay rent during a defined period then you own the house

The last one will help the person leasing the house to take care of it because after all, it will be his/hers.

This business requires a big investment but the entrepreneur can collaborate with the bank; after building the houses, the entrepreneur can ask the bank to pay him first then the bank can use those houses as a marketing tool to attract many clients.

To minimize the space to be used you can build horizontally i.e. in floors in form of appartments.

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