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Philanthropy movement
Once Nelson Mandela said: “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught also to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”. And I believe that love is not about words but rather about action and serving others.
As a team, you and me, let’s see if we can create a platform that helps others worldwide to do good things to their community, to give back to the community and we(I and you) decided to be supporters or favors of “Giving back to the community worldwide movement”. We want to be the lights that enlighten others to do good/best things for the community they are living in.
“Philanthropy/Generosity/Bigheartedness/Openhandedness movement”
On 1-3 March 2015, we expect to host the first ever conference for all philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and other organizations, institutions, companies that are giving back to the community from all the four corners of the world to gather here in Rwanda to share experiences, tackle the problems, propose solutions, etc… to provide sustainable solutions to their community.
The uniqueness with this “Philanthropy movement/Philanthropy conference” is that big percentage (%) funds from sponsorships, advertisements, donations, grants, etc… will go directly to “the fund” that will be supporting “Good Causes from all over the world” .
People who want to give back to their community in a sustainable way and looking for a financial support can submit their application to the board member and the application can be twice or more a year according to the funds gained during the conference.
For the first time, the conference will take place in Rwanda where the idea was born; but other countries may request to host future conferences.
This will help us to create “The Africa we want”, “the world we want”, “the community we want”, “the region we want”, “the country we want”,etc…

3 day annual event Program Line- up :

  • The annual event will be having
  • Panel sessions to discuss agreed topics,
  • Networking events,
  • Investor-entrepreneur meetings featuring investors from different parts of the world,
  • Salon Investor-entrepreneurs
  • Fruitful meetings
  • Innovation award program

Impact of the event program line-up
A big percentage of the funds from advertisement, sponsorship, Pledge/donations, grants will be used to support those who wants to impact sustainably their community, countries, regions, continent and why not the whole world through giving back to the community or social businesses that aim to resolve sustainably one of the challenges of their community or a special group of people.
N.B: we have a finished concept note with sponsorship packages, advertisement packages and other packages.
If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us at

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