Promotion : Izigamire

A mobile user when, he/she buys an Airtime, He/she will get points of 4 % of the airtime bought as a saving . This is applicable 24 hours of a day as it will be connected to short-code USSD “555” (this is an example) of reloading airtime.

As many people have innovative ideas but lack of start-up capital to implement their ideas. Oerators can offer the solution which is a promotional WIN-WIN SOLUTION, “IZIGAMIRE


Rwanda’s mobile subscriber numbers have passed 7 million, for a penetration of more than 65%. This product has been designed to:

• Motivate people to Buy airtime and
• Attract customers of other operators
• Educate mobile users to have culture of saving.

Problem statement

Promotions offered by our telecom companies are like raffle (tombola), people don’t trust them sometimes.

Pressing toward recompense is one of the strategies to:

• Bring back the ancient operator’s Clients,
• Attract other telecom companies’ subscribers and
• Increase and motivate the purchase of the airtime.

This product will contribute to increase monthly variation of active mobile subscriber per month.


No Reward/Rwf Utilities
1. 2,000 Communication: Airtime of 2,000 Rwf
2. 4,800 + 20 SMS Communication: Airtime of 4,800 Rwf + 20 SMS
3. 12,800 Card of 12,800 Rwf to shopping at Nakumatt
4. 40,000 Cell phone to facilitate communication and increase mobile penetration in Rwanda
5. 96,000 TV: Follow all updated news
6. 204,800 Fridge: conserve of foodstuff
7. 400,000 Laptop & modem: Connection and management
8. 600,000 The need of the client
9. 800,000 Relaxing, learning and discovering
10. 1,280,000 Motorbike: generate income
11. 2,304,000 Cash: as startup capital

This Product is a “WIN-WIN SOLUTION” to be provided by Operator. This product will contribute to the economic development of the country.

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