Traffic police and easy payment

In some African countries, when you violate traffic rules, you are condemned to pay fines. When you violate traffic rule and caught by a traffic police agent, you have to pay fine. The traffic police agent takes your document and to get it back, you have to go to bank, then bring the bank slip to traffic police station. It takes sometimes between 1 hours to 48 hours and you are not allowed to exceed 72hours without paying the fine. The driver wastes time.

Here is a solution, install cameras that are hypersensitive to car’s plate so that every violation of traffic rule , the camera will be taking picture of the plate then track the phone number of the owner and sending an SMS and the amount to be paid for the violation of the traffic rule. As mobile penetration is high in Africa ( According to Rwanda Utilities Regulation Agency, Mobile penetration in Rwanda is more than 65% i.e more than 7 million Rwandans possess mobile phones); connect mobile money accounts to personal accounts so that after receiving a fine, you can pay directly using your own phone.

The importance of implement this:

• Saving time for drivers
• User friendly
• For corrupted countries, this can be one way of fighting corruption
• It can help traffic police department to make more money because a driver can be punished more than once.
• Because of fearing fines, drivers will be respecting traffic rules i.e. accidents will be reduced.

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