TV show

What?TV show that hosts successful people from all over the world to share their business strategies, how they started business, what push them to start a business and leave the permanent job, where did you find the startup capital and other different question, etc… . Viewers can call and ask different question to successful people.
Many people ask themselves how is it possible to a simple person to become easily a successful person in a short period.

Many if not all of them who have been successful used some strategies to arrive where they are today. Some of them they will tell you that they worked hard, others we knocked at the right door, everyone has story.

Why? The aim of the TV show will be to educate and inform people strategies to use so that they can start their own business, show people that to start a business is possible. Help those who have dreams and ambitions to achieve them.

How? Ask for a TV spot and make it attractive. You just go and deal with TV stations and you share the revenue. To make the TV show attractive, you have to invite key people, have a key journalist and topics that are interesting.

How to make money out of it? I thought of 5 ways of generating income out of the TV show but you have to be smart enough:

1. Sponsorship: looking for big companies to sponsor the TV show.

2. Have a short-code to receive/make Calls: You charge also per call, you charge on airtime of the caller and you share the revenue with operators

3. Short-code SMS: those who don’t want to call, they can send SMS to ask questions or advices, then you charge credits to their airtime and you will be sharing the revenue with operator from SMS

4. After a long period, you will be creating your visibility as a presenter, then you can become a speaker in the conferences/trainings/seminars, etc where you will be paid for sharing the knowledge.

5. Publication and selling data: become a consultant especially in publishing because you will be having all data and you can be expert in business/entrepreneurship domain. Data can be also sold to different organizations, institutions, corporates that want to do research and for other purpose.

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